Online Learning

During these times of Covid-19 and museum closures, here are some interesting sites and links for art exhibits, classes and family activities, you can visit from the safety of your own home.

Bas ReliefPACC Pastel Relief – Resist Drawing Project 2020

This is an easy art project that requires some energy. Oil pastels are the key ingredient, and they can be messy. Yet they can also achieve wonderful effects with color, so keep some rags handy, and wear an apron or old clothes to tackle this drawing technique.

Project Guide

Monoprint ProjectMonoprint Mixed Media Art Project

A monoprint is the result of one original impression rather than multiple copies like newspapers. There are many ways it can be made, some involving specialized materials. Here is a fun project using common materials to create an abstract work of art where things don’t have to look real.

Project Guide

Engineering Paper 101

POP-UPS: Engineering Paper 101

To make pop-ups, it is important to consider the paper, its weight and quality. Card stock is best, but you can experiment with lighter weight paper to get started. The paper should be foldable, but stiff enough to hold a crease while holding its own weight.

Project Guide

Color Quest: Home Color Scavenger Hunt

Color Quest

Let your kids discover the world of shapes and color right inside their own home. This project challenges your kids to see how many animals, plants or other objects they can find in their house (inside or outside) that match the colors and shapes in the guide.

Project Guide

AScavenger Huntrchitectural Scavenger Hunt: Olde Towne, Parkview & Port Norfolk

Talk a walk and learn about the structural details along the way. This scavenger hunt challenges young architects to find features in their own neighborhood.

Project Guide

Kite ProjectKite Making Art Project

Countries around the world celebrate kite traditions, especially in Asia where kites were invented. If you have access to a park or field, you can fly a kite. Here is a simple project you can use to make your own kite.

Project Guide

Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art


Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art while remaining at home. 

  • Learn about the artist Gerhard Richter whose paintings are featured in their galleries.   Listen to Richter’s discussion on painting moving between realism and abstraction.
  • Join #MetKids made for and with kids.  Families can learn and create together in interactive programs.
  • Tap into the Audio Guides for tours geared to children ages 6 – 12 years and their families. 
  • Visitors with Disabilities: Take part in programs and services allowing accessibility to everyone.

Museum of Modern Art

MOVisit the galleries at the Museum of Modern Art, learn about contemporary art, and take art classes at the Museum of Modern Art.

  • Join the online tour in the Virtual Views Series to “museum from home”, and meet the artist Félix Fénéon, or review the exhibits and story on one of their other artists online. 
  • All online courses are offered free of charge or you can choose to pay for a certificate of completion.

National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of ArtExperience the National Gallery of Art through the virtual exhibit tours and online exhibitions.

  • Meet artists in “an eye for art”.  Explore masterpieces grouped around seven themes: Studying Nature; Exploring Places; Examining Portraits; Telling Stories; Observing Everyday Life; Questioning Traditions and Playing with Space.
  • Are you teaching your children at home?  There are interactives for kids to create their own original works of art.  In addition there are programs for teachers to help foster the understanding and connection to art.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


  • Visit this site for in-depth collections on contemporary artists and issues that they grapple with, view an interactive update on the latest including some of these topics: Make Art at Home; Picturing the Environment and online-streaming.
  • Visit artist studios in the Artist Cribs series.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Stay at home and visit this sit this website for a tour through exhibits at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  Watch short films and experience exhibition walkthroughs and documentaries.

  • Experience the Rain Room
  • In the Make Art @home series on You tube, make your own finger paints with ingredients that are easily found in our homes.